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Celebrating our 33rd year!

Now Accepting Applications for our 

2022/2023 School Year



To offer children ages 2.5 to 5.5 years old 

a safe  and nurturing environment

 filled with

learning through age-appropriate activities.

Why Choose Our School Nursery School

Qualified Teachers

Our entire staff is committed to offering the best education possible for the children. All teachers are experienced preschool teachers with several hours of education on topics related to early childhood.  We also continue with over 18 hours of early child education classes every year.

Outdoor Playground

We have a new outdoor playground filled with new bark mulch, a big sand box, swings, slide, popular mud kitchen, play house, music wall, play kitchen and space to run and play.

We also have a large rug where we offer a variety of fine motor activities like Legos, painting, games, as well as a great place for snack.


We have 2 classrooms with several learning centers in each, a wiggle room for gross motor activities, an outdoor playground, and so much more. All classes have the opportunity to use all learning centers in all rooms.  We will offer your child a safe, fun, diverse, and educational learning environment.

Visits with Grand-friends

Although we have not been able to visit The Gathering Place for the past 2 years, we hope to resume our weekly get togethers in the fall.  The seniors next door at The Gathering Place Adult Social Day Center and Our School children join in activities like singing, games, and other projects, building a unique and treasured relationship.

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