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*Well trained, experienced, and caring staff​

*A safe, learning environment in which to grow

*Exposure to books, music and sign language

*Time to practice socialization skills with peers

*Exposure to a variety of art supplies and medium

*Strengthening of fine motor muscles and creativity

*Learn to play cooperative games and strengthen gross motor muscles

*Practice being away from Mom and Dad

*Opportunity to socialize with seniors next door at: The Gathering Place - Adult Social Day Center

More Benefits

Making connections with each child is important to all teachers at Our School. Our entire staff is committed to offering the best education possible for the children. They each have teaching experiences and take more than 18 hours of continuing education on topics related to early childhood every year.

The Director has a BS in Elementary Education, with a major in Early Childhood Education, over 40 years of teaching experience, completed the 30 hour course on The Maine Learning Guidelines for Early Childhood Education. The director leads the teachers in following these guidelines when planning our curriculum and activities. This assists us in preparing the children for Kindergarten.

"Popcorn is prepared in the same pot, in the same heat, in the same oil, and yet...the kernels do not pop at the same time. 

Don't compare your child to other children, their turn is coming."   


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