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About our Classes and Schedules

Classes and Hours for 2022 - 2023 School Year:​

  • Bluebirds 2.5-3 years old - Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00-12:00
  • Butterflies: 3-4 years old -Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9:00-12:00
  • Rainbow Fish: 4-5 years old - Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 8:45-12:15

Another Opportunity to Learn:

The children have an opportunity to participate our After School Adventure Club:

Wednesdays - Literature and Art Enrichment Program: the teacher will be reading stories and/or poetry to the children and they will do an art, cooking or science activity to go along with the story or poem. This is another FUN way to prepare our children for kindergarten. 


Art Room

Our Art and Block Centers help to develop children's creativity and imaginations. 

The Art Room is also a place where you will find us: mixing up some pudding, making veggie soup, creating things from recycle objects, cutting, gluing, making some slippery slime, or doing science experiments.


Wiggle Room

Every day the children have the opportunity to strengthen their gross motor muscles. The children may push a baby carriage, pull a wagon, run and more.  They also may play at the train table, write on the large whiteboard, playhouse and dolls, walk on the balance beam, play musical instruments and more.


Friendly Forest Room

Each day the children visit  the Friendly Forest room.  This is where we use the Handwriting Without Tears Program: the children work on letter and number recognition and formation as well as fine motor skills through play dough, chalk, wooden pieces, and magnetic boards. They also build with blocks, play games, work on puzzles and more.

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